Flyp Telco Platform Powers Consumer and Business Communications Apps for Carriers and Enterprises Worldwide

Flyp Telco Platform Powers Consumer and Business Communications Apps for Carriers and Enterprises Worldwide

T-Mobile Super-Agent MWork Solutions and Affiliate Marketing Specialists FLEX are the First Two U.S. Companies to Launch New Consumer Communications Apps Powered by Flyp

BOSTON – December 26, 2016 – Flyp today unveiled its enterprise telecom platform, empowering any telecom carrier or enterprise organization to quickly build and launch custom communications apps that provide multiple phone numbers on a single device and free international calling to and from the U.S. Flyp also announced that T-Mobile master dealer MWork Solutions and affiliate marketing specialist FLEX are the first two partners to build and launch consumer-facing apps on the Flyp platform.

“By making the Flyp platform available to our partner network, we’re eliminating the two biggest barriers preventing carriers and organizations from developing their own communications apps – quality and cost,” said Peter Rinfret, Founder and CEO of Flyp. “The flexibility of the platform allows us to quickly and affordably build and deploy white label apps for specific use-cases or organizations. Flyp features can also be integrated into existing apps. This unique approach will empower carriers to compete with OTT applications, while enabling organizations to provide employees with powerful, customized communications capabilities.”

Custom Communications Apps – Powered by Flyp

The Flyp telecom platform is the industry’s first platform to take advantage of the quality and openness of traditional telco infrastructure, while providing operating costs typically associated with OTT applications. As a result, Flyp is the only platform that can quickly deliver white-label communications apps that deliver exclusive features with unmatched call quality. In addition, Flyp-built communications features can be easily integrated into existing apps to provide unique calling and texting functionality inside the app.

For telecom carriers, Flyp bridges the gap between traditional PSTN Networks and OTT services, enabling carriers to launch consumer-facing communications apps at a cost structure previously unattainable in the industry. Flyp also empowers enterprises and organizations to quickly roll out customized, high-quality communications apps for employees and members.

Application features available through the Flyp platform include:

  • Free International Calling and Texting to the U.S.: Flyp provides international users with a real, local U.S. phone number on their device. As a result, all international calls and texts to and from the U.S. powered by Flyp are free. For organizations with globally dispersed workforces, or International telecom carriers trying to compete with OTT applications, this is a powerful feature that provides mobile users with free, high quality international calling and texting. Flyp is currently available in 19 countries.
  • Communications Apps Without Wi-Fi: Unlike VoIP services like Google Voice and WhatsApp, Flyp-powered apps use proprietary telecommunications technology and plugs directly into the cellular network, resulting in the highest-call quality available on the market. Because Flyp works anywhere a cell signal exists, users can use the app anytime, anywhere and never face high data charges for calls and texts.
  • Multiple Numbers – One Device: Quickly build and launch consumer-facing apps that provide multiple phone numbers on one device. Users can select the area code of their choice for local calling in the U.S., creating dedicated lines for business, social activity, dating, or any other aspect of life that needs organized. This is ideal for entrepreneurs and freelancers that require separate business and personal lines.
  • Manage All Communications in One App: Flyp unifies all mobile communications – providing a single view of all phone calls, texts and voice messages in one dynamic feed. Users can now easily organize all of their business communication for leads, clients, vendors, and more in single dynamic feed

    “We’re excited to use the power of the Flyp platform to roll out the FLEX communications app – the first app purpose-built to serve the thousands of affiliates, independent agents and entrepreneurs in our network,” said Kenny Trattner, Founder of FLEX. “As anyone who is self-employed or an independent marketer can attest, keeping business and personal communications separate is a daily challenge. FLEX gives our network members a powerful tool for regaining complete control over their mobile communications.”

    The FLEX communications app is currently available to all consumers at For more information on how to become a Flyp channel member, please visit

    About Flyp

    Flyp, Inc. is a US-based telecommunications company focused on changing the global consumer communication experience. The company’s proprietary platform delivers the highest quality voice and text communications in or out of network, while enabling the use of multiple phone numbers on a single device. For international users, Flyp is the first solution that provides mobile users with a real U.S. phone number on their device for the most reliable, highest quality calling and texting to the United States. To learn more visit or follow Flyp on Twitter @getflyp.

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