4 of the best WordPress plugins

4 of the best WordPress plugins


There are numerous free resources entrepreneurs can leverage when creating and updating their website. With so many elements to consider and optimize (content, SEO, analytics, etc.), it’s critical to find the plugins that will help elevate your WordPress game. Here are a few of the must haves on our list:



1. Yoast SEO

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) can be a daunting acronym for entrepreneurs and small business owners alike. If they made an SEO energy drink, it would be Yoast. But don’t worry. Even though it’s depicted by the SEO pro pictured above, drinking it won’t turn you into Jared from Subway (too soon?).


Each of your web pages or posts will have a simple “Yoast SEO” section that you can fill in with: SEO title, Slug, Meta description, and Keyword. The section also contains a “Content Analysis” area that updates in real time as you input the aforementioned variables and tells you how to optimize those SEO variables for that unique page. Letting Yoast keep you up to date is awesome considering how constantly SEO best practices evolve. They also have great blog posts to skim if you’re looking to further educate yourself on SEO.


easy redirect

2. Quick Page/Post Redirect Plugin

Now that you’ve put in the effort to optimize your site for SEO, you don’t want to lose that progress just because you’ve decided to rebrand, overhaul your site’s creative, or change your website domain. You definitely want to make sure your customers can find your content and don’t get stuck with an annoying “404 – this page could not be found” message. A 301 redirect is a permanent redirect from one URL to another, and will keep customers from ever clicking on broken or outdated links.


A great example of when redirects are appropriate is if you created a branded landing page as part of a unique promotion with an influencer. Once the promotion is over, there is no need to drive new customers to that page, but if anyone clicks on the old URL, you’d want to set up a redirect that drops visitors at your homepage. That way, new customers aren’t being cut off by an old outdated link and can still reach your website. Additionally, without implementing appropriate redirects you’ll lose your hard earned web authority! Installing this free plugin will help you maintain pagerank that you can in turn keep track of with Google Analytics. Easy, breezy, beautiful… redirects.


Google analytics by MonsterInsight

3. MonsterInsights

This is by far the most popular analytics plugin you can access for WordPress, boasting 10+ million downloads. The goal of this plugin is to transform your analytics to make data-driven decisions easy and accessible. By only showing you the stats that are most important, you can clearly see what actions to take to grow and convert your web traffic.


There is a free version of MonsterInsights with the option to upgrade to a paid version if you’d like more premium functionality. Some of their current features includes: visitor metric dashboards, visitor demographics + interest tracking, and outbound link + downloads tracking.


Fun fact: MonsterInsights was initially developed by Yoast, the same team who created the first plugin on our list. After their recent acquisition and rebrand–they’ve announced that they’re adding a plethora of new features in the coming months, so keep your eyes open!


down- ML

4. downML – Download Media Library

Have you ever lost track of an image that’s on your website or in a blog post? WordPress doesn’t allow you download images straight from your media library and it can be a nightmare to try and dig through your old files. DownML is a saving grace by allowing admins to download all images in their WordPress media library in a convenient zip file.


Now that you know our top picks remember that all WordPress plugins require you to have a self-hosted WordPress site before allowing you to download plugins. If you’re unsure what that means, see this infographic on self hosted WordPress.org vs free WordPress.com. If you know you have a self-hosted site and are looking for more of the best WordPress plugins for your business, look no further. WordPress made a guide of their recommendations for 2016 here.


Happy WordPressing!

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