Who we are, and what we stand for.

An open letter

Over the past two decades, technology has evolved to empower us to connect faster, smarter, cheaper. But we believe it hasn’t come far enough. So, we’re pushing the limits to make the communication experience more modern and human than ever before.

The telecommunications industry has kept prices, high, and stifled the power of your smartphone. At Flyp, we won’t stand for this. We’re dropping prices, revolutionizing features, setting the standard for call quality, and empowering you to connect with anyone in the world–flexibly and affordably.

We’ve just begun to blaze a new trail, setting out to disrupt global communications. We hope you join us.

–Team Flyp

Who we are

Flyp is a modern communications company transforming the global communications landscape. The company’s proprietary platform delivers the highest quality voice and text communication in or out of network (not VoIP), while enabling the use of multiple phone numbers on a single device.

For international customers, Flyp is the first and only solution that provides mobile users with a local US phone number on their device for high-quality, free calling and texting to and from any US phone number.

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