8 of the Best Real Estate Apps for Client Communication

8 of the Best Real Estate Apps for Client Communication

Transmission, conveyance, divulgence, disclosure, dissemination, and promulgation.
What do these words have in common? They’re all synonyms for communication, but with context can have vastly different meanings. Just like there are vastly different ways that you, as a realtor, can communicate with clients at any point in time. So, here are a diverse set of the best real estate apps for every stage of communication in your customer lifecycle.



Nurture leads into clients:

Social Media: Not mentioning a new solution here, just an added emphasis on the importance of utilizing existing social media platforms. Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter can be powerful ways to generate leads and turn those leads into clients. It doesn’t take much effort on your end– just post about your latest and greatest transactions and your network will positively respond to all those deals you’ve been closing!



Know who is calling you:

Flyp: There are an abundance of real estate agents who won’t answer their phone and prefer to work through email because they never know who is calling them! Is it a friend, family member, lead, client, property manager, neighbor…? When your phone is ringing off the hook it’s easy to get overwhelmed. Flyp gives agents a second phone number for their device to use as a business line. Not only do you get an additional phone number, but that number has it’s own voicemail and address book. That way you know when your Flyp line rings, an unidentified number is a lead and a number that’s been saved in your address book will display your client’s name.


googel voice

Avoid listening to client voicemails:

Google Voice: Some agents absolutely hate listening to voicemails. It can be time consuming and conspicuous when they are constantly in client meetings. Google Voice will transcribe your voicemails in a text so you can see who called and why they called, quickly and discreetly.



Stay on top of emails:

Cloze: Emails can come in fast and furious after new listings are posted. It’s easy for a follow up to slip by you as you try to gather information on a leads housing preferences and coordinate meeting times. Not to mention keeping in touch so your clients can provide you with recurring business! With Cloze you won’t miss a follow up. They keep track of how frequently you email with clients and what your typical time lapse is. If you haven’t contacted a client at your normal cadence, Cloze will notify you it’s time to follow up.



Close the deal!:

DocuSign: The days of printing, scanning, mailing, or looking over your client’s shoulder as they sign their lease are over. Don’t make your client come to you to seal the deal when you can use DocuSign. A simple platform that takes their lease and makes it easy for clients to read, initial, and electronically sign. When it’s all said and done an automated email is sent stating that the lease has been completed and it can be referenced online at any point in time.


So there you have it: a communication app for every stage of your client lifecycle. The best part? Each of the above apps has been vetted by a real life bonafide realtor. Unfortunately, there is no one list of dreams apps that’s perfect for every realtor, so you’ll have to try out the ones listed above for yourself!


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