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  • Why Should Real Estate Agents Have A Local Phone Number?

    As a real estate agent, your phone number is your identity. You don’t want to be construed as an out-of-towner, so show you’re a local! Do you work in Boston? An incoming call from a 508 or a 617 area code is more likely to be picked up by clients.

  • 5 Apps To Simplify Your Life Right Now

    With the holiday season coming in hot, you might feel a little frazzled. You may not have it 100% together but, with help from these apps, you can pretend you do…

  • How to Crush Your First Freelancing Gig

    The good news: there’s never been a better time. There is a new generation of workers—one looking to be its own boss, work on its own time, and utilize the internet to market its many 21st century skills.

  • Featured Users: How Franchesca and Alyssa Use Flyp

    We asked some Flyp users about their experiences with the app: why they use it, how they use it, and all the ways they love it. Our users are from all over the country, utilizing Flyp for work, play and more. Check out Franchesca’s and Alyssa’s stories below and let us know if you can relate!

  • Why Realtors Love Flyp

    Look at this poor woman. She has no idea she just exposed herself to the entire neighborhood.

    Hey! Get your mind out of the gutter. We’re talking about personal information. So much of it is tied to your personal mobile phone number. That means name, address, even old photos from your social media profiles can be found by doing a simple search with someone’s personal mobile number. And realtors slap this number onto a sign and stick it in a front yard for all to see!

  • Happy Sales With Flyp

    Salesmen and saleswomen lead exhausting lives—frequently on the road, often lonely, always busy—but they’re also some of the most driven, persistent and observant people you’ll meet.

    They’ve been immortalized in movies such as Love & Other Drugs, Up in the Air, and let’s not forget the morose theater classic you may have read in high school, Death of a Salesman.

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