Featured Users: How Franchesca and Alyssa Use Flyp

Featured Users: How Franchesca and Alyssa Use Flyp

We asked some Flyp users about their experiences with the app: why they use it, how they use it, and all the ways they love it. Our users are from all over the country, utilizing Flyp for work, play and more. Check out Franchesca’s and Alyssa’s stories below and let us know if you can relate!


How do you use Flyp?

Franchesca, 27, from Las Vegas, NV:

I use premium Flyp numbers for my main work phone as well as an added number for any social sites that require a phone number. I am so grateful I don’t have to give out my main cell number anymore!

Alyssa, 35, from Greenwood, DE:

I am the sales consultant for Beracah homes, a modular home construction company. I use Flyp as the direct line for the sales department for our company. Anybody calling to request information about building a new home calls directly to the Flyp app on my phone.


What do you like most about Flyp?

Franchesca: I love the idea that I have another work phone number, and I never have to give my cell number out ever again.

Alyssa: What I like most about Flyp is the simplicity of it. Every contact I have with a specific customer is listed in one conversation, so that I can easily reference previous calls or texts. I also love the simplicity of having one phone for both personal and business calls, and not having my personal life mixed with work.


Flyp featured users in a conference room on a real estate call.


Can you think of a time you really wish you had Flyp before it existed?

Franchesca: Yes, I can. Not only once, but multiple times! Especially during shopping and the cashiers ask you for a telephone number! You never know if those numbers are being sold which is why we get the crazy telemarketers that seem to be awake 24/7.

Alyssa: I do not recall a time of wishing I had Flyp before I downloaded it. I transitioned into my role as sales consultant at the same time I downloaded the Flyp app.

I will say that my job would be infinitely more difficult without Flyp. I consider the idea of Flyp to be like a smartphone itself. Before I had a smartphone, I didn’t miss it because I didn’t know how useful it could be. The same can be said about Flyp. At one point, I did not use Flyp…but I now find that it is an integral part of my job and day-to-day life.


Did you request a particular area code when you got Flyp? If so, why?

Franchesca: Yes, I did. Because I operate out of Las Vegas and preferred to have the 702 area code.

Alyssa: I did request a local area code when I got the Flyp app. I believe that customers are more likely to call and request information from a number that looks familiar to them. They want to know that they are speaking to someone local.


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