Flyp or Google Voice? When It Comes to Versatility, Flyp Takes the Cake

Digital phone solutions are trendy, but not all solutions are created equal. At first glance, Flyp and Google Voice appear to be competitive services, but digging deeper into the functionality of each service reveals Flyp to be the right decision if you live an active, busy lifestyle and need to keep your communications organized.

Flyp Offers You True Caller ID and Privacy

Flyp’s most obvious advantage over Google Voice is clear: when someone is calling your Google Voice number all that is happening is that it is forwarded to your native number -so, you have NO idea that someone is calling your Google Voice number as opposed to your native number. Lost? Pretty simple! Because Google voice forwards calls you cannot distinguish which number a call is coming in on.  With Flyp — you know ALL the info you need:  Which Flyp number the call is coming in on and who is calling you!

Flyp Is Designed to Make Your Life Simple

Flyp offers you custom voicemails, custom ringtones and custom colors to create a truly distinct and separate experience between each of your Flyp numbers.  Whether you are a freelancer on the go, a Mom managing kids or the entrepreneur with side jobs, Flyp offers you the tools you need.  Google Voice doesn’t offer any of these.

Flyp Offers More Than One Phone Number

Flyp’s other obvious advantage over Google Voice is clear: Google Voice limits users to only one phone number per account, but Flyp users can easily upgrade their service to get multiple additional numbers. While Google Voice can get you only one single additional phone number forwarded to your existing number,  Flyp offers up to five additional numbers in one place — all operating distinctly.  Flyp offers serious organizational benefits, especially for on-the-go people who are involved in multiple teams and organizations.

Flyp Gives You a REAL Phone Number

Every Flyp number is a real, fully functional phone number that is used to connect you to whomever you need to speak with. However, Google Voice is a service that only offers online calling and call forwarding, severely limiting the whole purpose of an additional number:  control, privacy and separation. And Flyp puts all of your communications needs in one place.  Google — it’s all over the place.   Flyp is the obvious choice.

Flyp Skips the International Rates

Avoiding insane international calling rates is one of the many reasons people seek out digital phone services – but with Google Voice, you’ll still be charged international rates. Thanks to Flyp’s unique network infrastructure, you can escape those charges and make calls wherever Flyp is available without breaking the bank.

Flyp Integrates With Your Tech – Not The Other Way Around

Google Voice can present challenges for users who aren’t already invested in Google’s technology suite. Flyp is designed to fit seamlessly into your life. You’ll get exactly what you want, without feeling the pressure to completely change the way you use the Internet.

Don’t be fooled by Google’s big name and bigger marketing budget – when it comes to REAL functionality, Flyp offers much more versatility and simplicity.

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