Happy Sales With Flyp

Happy Sales With Flyp


Salesmen and saleswomen lead exhausting lives—frequently on the road, often lonely, always busy—but they’re also some of the most driven, persistent and observant people you’ll meet.

They’ve been immortalized in movies such as Love & Other Drugs, Up in the Air, and let’s not forget the morose theater classic you may have read in high school, Death of a Salesman.

We see no reason why a career in sales should be harder than it already is. Here’s a look at three kinds of noteworthy salespeople and how Flyp could help them:

Cosmetic Reps (AKA Mary Kay Ladies)

Image of old pink sales car for cosmetic reps (aka Mary Kay Ladies )

Did your Great Aunt Mildred order her make-up from the comfort of her own living room? From a saleswoman driving a Mary-Kay synonymous bubblegum pink Cadillac? Well, these days, there’s Avon, Arbonne, and more, giving cosmetics’ direct sales industry a wider reach into the millennial market. We’d suggest using a Flyp number to fill those last minute face cream orders with ease.

Software Reps (AKA Ben H. from the Bachelorette)

Image of software sales rep Ben Higgins from the Bachelorette

Ben was recently booted from the Bachelorette, much to many fans’ disappointment. As he returns to his job as a software salesman in Colorado, we bet Ben would love to divvy up the priority of calls coming into his cell since his reality show departure – for work and play, because ladies… he’s single again.

Pharmaceutical Reps (AKA Love & Other Drugs)

Image of sales rep Jake Gyllenhaal from Love & Other Drugs

Remember Jake Gyllenhaal as Jamie, a slick Pfizer rep, in Love & Other Drugs? As hard as we cried during the film, we couldn’t help but notice how his life could be a lot easier in a 2015 version with separate Flyp numbers. “Jamie” could have organized those contacts to stay in touch with doctors he’s pitching and secretaries he’s flirting with, while never missing a call from his actual girlfriend.

With a Flyp number, all these salespeople can:

  • Choose an area code coinciding with their territory, rather than where they live or are headquartered.
  • Create custom quick-replies for when they’re with a client and closing a sale.
  • Choose color-coded phone numbers for different parts of life, such as sales, friends, family, and relationships.


Happy selling!

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