3 Marketing Strategies From Smart Businesses

3 Marketing Strategies From Smart Businesses


You have a lightbulb idea.


The entrepreneur you are, you know this is something to hold on to. If you’re in the beginning stages of forming your business plan, thinking of how to go to market can seem insurmountable. Don’t worry! You don’t need a big budget or a 5-pronged marketing plan to catch success. We’ve put together a few companies with clever marketing strategies to give you a little inspiration.


Airbnb was started in 2007 by two designers, Brian Chesky and Joe Gebbia, when their San Francisco loft became too expensive for them to handle. To save a little money, they turned their loft into a lodging space, complete with three air mattresses and the promise of a home-cooked breakfast.


Airbnb has fantastic marketing strategies, and used Craigslist to promote itself.


They created their own site, Airbed & Breakfast, with their apartment as the very first listing. They were met with a small amount of demand, so Chesky and Gebbia were faced with getting the word out to the masses about their new site. They knew Craigslist was the place people went to find alternative lodging to hotels, so they allowed users who created listings on Airbnb to post them to Craigslist as well. Additionally, when Craigslisters posted ads, the startup created a bot that told posters to check out Airbnb.


Essentially, every time someone posted a vacation rental ad on Craigslist, Airbnb was right there to redirect the poster to post on their more personal, higher-quality, website. Sneaky? Maybe. Smart? Incredibly.

Dale Partridge Startup Camp

You may know Dale Partridge as the bestselling author of People Over Profit, founder of The Daily Positive blog, or CEO of Sevenly. His mission is to add balance and inspiration to both your work and personal life, and ultimately create a harmonious unity in the two. He focuses on leadership and creating a wholesome entrepreneur– one who is thriving in every aspect of his or her life.


Dale Partridge also has great marketing strategies, including having guests on his podcast. Here he is sitting on a boat.


If you didn’t recognize Partridge’s name, maybe you’d recognize some of the guests he has on his awesome podcast: investor Jeff Foxworthy, bestselling author and consultant Jon Gordon, and Johnny Cupcakes’ Johnny Earle to name a few. By sitting down to talk with interesting, successful people, Partridge brings a whole new audience to his brand every time he has a podcast.


This allows Partridge to give his entrepreneurial followers content they enjoy, while also incentivizing the influencers he interviews to share the podcast, resulting in more exposure and a bigger audience. It’s a win-win. P.S. – Flyp has sponsored the first four podcasts of his eighth season!


When newly-hired Marketing Director George Wright found out that CEO Tom Dickson and the R&D team at Blendtec would blend up 2×2 wooden boards to test toughness, he saw an opportunity. He thought videos of blending unusual, non-food items like wooden boards would be a hit.


Tom Dickson's marketing strategies include blending obscure items in this Blendtec blender.


This spurred the “Will It Blend?” campaign, where Dickson put items like marbles, cell phones, markers, cubic zirconia, and over 100 other items in a Blendtec blender. All items are blended to a liquid or a fine sand, which is impressive to the viewer for two reasons: 1) everyone wants to know what blended markers look like, and 2) it shows how powerful Blendtec blenders are. Within five days of the campaign launch, they had amassed more than six million YouTube views.


Blendtec didn’t spend a lot of money making these videos. In fact, their first video cost under $100 in supplies to make. This shows how powerful thinking outside the box can be, regardless of whether or not you’re strapped for cash. That’s an idea that will blend.



Don’t let yourself get overwhelmed with the pressure of a perfect marketing plan. Instead, like the businesses mentioned in this article, get creative. Consider how you can be valuable to your audience in a way that’s fun and original to them. Throw ideas around with team members, people on the street, or whoever will listen to find inspiration. They may be your future customers!

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