Google Voice — how much are they getting from your phone?

We have been hearing a lot about Google Voice these days.  But as this Fox News report reveals when you use a free Google App you aren’t the customer but the product.  Google Voice records your conversations, reads your text messages and analyzes your pictire messages.

Google uses sophisticated analytical tools to go through all of your communications and then they sell it.  You have no privacy over your communciations when you use Google Voice.  For some users, that isnlt important but to many it is a violation of one’s privacy — pure and simple.

We dug into Google Voice’s Terms of Service, their Privacy policy and a bunch of other stuff.  What we found was sort of shocking. Buried in a bunch of legal language in documents that you or we would never bother to read is that you as the consumer are expressly permitting Google to read, record and analyze all of your communications.  What is even crazier is that you grant Google a royalty free license to use that data as they see fit and forever and for free.  So you really are the product and not the customer.

Watch this Fox report!


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