3 Must Haves For Your Realtor Business Cards

3 Must Haves For Your Realtor Business Cards


It’s time to increase your referrals! Chances are you’re underutilizing your business cards. Yes they make your desk look professional and you hand them out at client meetings, but why did you really create (and pay for) them?


They are a necessity, but they should be an extension of your marketing and heavily take into account your personal brand.


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The Card

Readable and simple or, simply readable. You should include information you’d expect to be on a business card. If a client would expect to see x, y, and z, it should most definitely be on your card. Ex: your full name, email address, cell phone number, and website.


Also consider adding your work phone number or your brokerage firm. You don’t want to waste money getting cards printed with soon to be outdated information, so it’s up to you to make the call on how long you imagine you’ll be with your firm.


Now that you have the bare essentials down, consider stepping it up to include a clean up-to-date headshot, a call to action (CTA), a personal logo, tagline, or value proposition.

  • Potential CTA’s: Search for homes, Find out what your home is worth, Call me today etc.
  • Potential Taglines: The luxury building specialist of Boston or Specializing in multi-family homes

When contemplating which of the above extras would be best to include, remember: it’s important to not overload your card with information. We recommend not including social media handles unless you happen to have a huge following or an AMAZING blog.
Finally, it may be cheaper to go with a thin card stock, but paying a few cents up for something heavier makes a good impression on clients and can help you stand out.


The Distribution

You just spent some hard earned $$ on cards so don’t let them get dog eared by having them in your purse or back pocket. Invest a bit more in a hard case to keep them well protected and easily accessible.


Here’s a quick “don’t”: don’t waste multiple cards on one person or even a single card on someone you know won’t be valuable to you.


Now it’s time to give them away and generate some leads. When you do decide to give out your cards be polite, make yourself memorable, and have a nice conversation. It’s perfect to follow up a good in person conversation with your contact information readily available on your freshly printed business card.


The Law

You should follow it. Apparently, there are specific requirements that vary by jurisdiction about copyright and trademark symbols, and licensing information. Look ‘em up. Ex: Do you need to list your MLS number? Did you remember to put “REALTOR®”, not “realtor”?


Business cards with a professionally dressed man on them.


Business Cards truly are a necessity in your line of work. Now that you know how to walk the line of too much information vs. not enough you’re ready to create some cards. Personally, we like Moo, but if you’re looking to save some money you could always have a freelance designer put together an image and get it printed at your local ProPrint. Printing locally is also great if you’re in a bit of a time crunch and don’t want to show up empty handed!


Do you have a great business card? Tell us your tips and tricks in the comment section below.

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