Why Should Real Estate Agents Have A Local Phone Number?

Why Should Real Estate Agents Have A Local Phone Number?

We sat down with a local real estate agent and asked her a few questions.


1st impression: What does your number say about you?

As a real estate agent, your phone number is your identity. You don’t want to be construed as an out-of-towner, so show you’re a local! Do you work in Boston? An incoming call from a 508 or a 617 area code is more likely to be picked up by clients.


Communication: How important is your phone to your job?

Today, everything is mobile: each day you communicate with clients, potential clients, landlords, owners, management companies… the list goes on. You leave a prospective client a voicemail. Two days later they text you. You text them. Three days later they call you. It’s annoying and time consuming to keep client information straight when you’re going back and forth between your phone log and your text messages.


Pro tip: How should you give out your phone number?

In the real estate world Marko Rubel recommends having two numbers to help keep you organized. You should have one for advertising (Craigslist, Zillow, HotPads, Realtor.com, Trulia, Facebook, etc.) and one as a direct number you give to clients you meet with in person, as well as put on your business card. Ideally, they both have local area codes and can be on one device.


Why flyp rocks for real estate agents -featuring Alyssa- real estate agent and Flyp enthusiast!

Real estate agents are constantly on their phone. Alyssa uses Flyp on a daily basis for her job, and loves having all her texts, calls, and voicemails in one conversation feed. The unified feed/dashboard makes it easier to keep track of client conversations. Before Flyp, when Alyssa had to answer a call, she would have to use her company’s database to get up to speed on her communications with each particular client. Now, she knows exactly who is calling her as soon as the call comes in!


Alyssa also loves the ease of one phone with different numbers for her work and personal life. While several of her co-workers have two phones, Alyssa doesn’t want the hassle of charging and carrying two phones… who can blame her?

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