How To Turn Real Estate Leads Into Clients

How To Turn Real Estate Leads Into Clients


We’ve heard it time and time again: communication is critical in the real estate market. One unresponded text, bad call, or less than stellar interaction will make it much harder to retain a qualified lead. Don’t let common communication faux pas jeopardize your hard work. They say that knowledge is power: we’ll get you up to speed on good communication tactics, then you can implement our tips to turn real estate leads into clients.

Be responsive and timely

turn real estate leads into clients when you're timely and respond on time.


In an increasingly connected world, the expectation for an immediate response is higher than ever. We’re used to getting an instant text, email, or phone call back, and if you’re not sticking with this trend, you’re bound to fall behind. 75% of real estate leads generated online were lost due to agents either not responding or responding too late.


If you say you’re going to be at a meeting, send an email, or answer a call at a certain time, be sure to meet that deadline. No one likes to be kept waiting, especially when hot properties can move on and off the market within a day. Sync up email to your phone, iPad, or tablet and make sure to have audible notification sounds turned on when you’re working.


In addition, always be 5-10 minutes early for your appointments. This almost guarantees you’ll be there before your client and can give you time to introduce yourself if you happen to also be meeting the property manager, owner, etc. That way when your client does arrive your first impression will be seamless.


When you represent yourself as an organized, punctual realtor, that’s the image you’ll curate for yourself.


Explain everything you’re doing

turn real estate leads into clients when you are clear with them.


Buying, renting, or selling a property might not be a big deal to you, but to someone who doesn’t do it everyday, it can be pretty nerve racking. One of the best things you can do to show your client  that they’re in good hands is to be clear and explanatory in all of your actions.


When you meet your clients for the first time, take a moment to be upfront with them about what preliminary work you have already done and what they can expect during their unique process. Make sure you include potential difficulties and roadblocks– they’ll appreciate your honesty. Many clients have vouched that they’re most satisfied with their realtor when there is clear and regular communication.


Another good tip is to practice client-focus. Think about the questions and concerns a client might have ahead of time along the buying or selling process, so when the time comes to discuss moving forward, you’ll be one step ahead for them.


Practice good body language

turn real estate leads into clients by practicing good body language.


Body language is incredibly underrated when it comes to making good impressions. We’re all aware of the basics: don’t roll your eyes, cross your arms, or generally do anything that could be perceived as rude or disinterested.


Did you know, however, that crossing your feet when sitting and talking to someone also sends closed-off signals? The same goes for avoiding eye contact, having a flat, expressionless face, and being fidgety. To show that you’re really in tune, lean forwards with your feet pointing at them when you’re sitting, maintain steady eye contact, smile often, and be relaxed and calm in your demeanor. Read more good tips here.


What you want your clients to perceive is your engagement, confidence, and keen ability to respond to their body language as well. Though you may have clients that really need the support of a hand-holding realtor, you’ll also have clients who want a more hands off approach. The success lies in truly reading each client well and responding appropriately.



Communication isn’t always the easiest thing to keep top of mind, but it’s by far one of the most important variables in terms of creating quality relationships with your clients. The better you’re able to communicate with them, the more trust they’ll put in you to take care of their needs. Trust is an important factor in all relationships, and will further come into play down the road when it comes time to farm your network and generate referrals. Referrals contribute to your reputation, and a great reputation builds a successful career.


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