Why Realtors Love Flyp

Why Realtors Love Flyp


Look at this poor woman. She has no idea she just exposed herself to the entire neighborhood.

Hey! Get your mind out of the gutter. We’re talking about personal information. So much of it is tied to your personal mobile phone number. That means name, address, even old photos from your social media profiles can be found by doing a simple search with someone’s personal mobile number. And realtors slap this number onto a sign and stick it in a front yard for all to see!


Realtors love Flyp because it can come with you wherever your smartphone is.


When you are an on-the-go professional, it seems easiest to use your personal mobile phone for work and private matters. Just like our real estate agent who posted her personal number in dozens of front yards, there’s a better way to stay mobile, but separate each important part of your life. There is more to the agent than the commission!

At Flyp, we understand this. That’s why we spent so much time building something that allows dynamic professionals like you to thrive and stay organized on-the-go. Flyp can offer you several levels of organization within your current phone, without requiring you to take out a second mortgage. Here are a few ways…

  • Flyp gives you separate, real, reliable phone numbers for each part of your life! The first number is free, they aren’t linked to your personal information, and don’t require a second phone. We keep everything in one place.
  • You can choose your own area code! When you’re dealing with clients and colleagues in your same area code, they’re much likelier to trust you if they see the local area code—especially if they don’t have you saved in their address book!
  • Flyp lets you customize quick reply messages for each individual Flyp number. So, if you can’t answer the phone, just tap a button and the caller will hear your custom message… “I’m showing a beautiful home right now. I’ll call you back in 10 minutes!”
  • Turn Do Not Disturb on (or off) for each individual Flyp number. When it finally comes time to take that well-deserved vacation, don’t let your work phone number interrupt!

With Flyp, you’re the savviest agent around.

Any other tech tips for those in the real estate industry?

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