4 Real Estate Marketing Ideas To Boost Business

4 Real Estate Marketing Ideas To Boost Business


As you learned in our post 4 Real Estate Marketing Tips For Beginners, marketing yourself is a must if you want to showcase your expertise as a real estate agent. You may know the ins and outs of your industry, but you need to be able to translate that knowledge into a package that’s valuable and comprehensible for buyers and sellers. Since our last post was so well received, we’re going to take it one step further and give you 4 bonus real estate marketing ideas to boost your business.


one of our real estate marketing ideas is to grow your email list, using a landing page asking for emails like this one.

1. Grow Your Email List

Harvesting a good email list is more beneficial than you think . Email is a great way to target leads that might be missing your social posts. Most social media platforms use algorithms to choose content for users news feeds, and when a user’s feed gets crowded, business content is often the first to get cut. If you’ve built a robust email list, you can use your contacts to find profiles and for Facebook, build custom audiences of hot leads to target.


With your email list, you know that your contacts are at least guaranteed to see your content in their inbox. Moreover, a study by McKinsey & Company showed that email conversion rates are three times higher than social media, with a 17% higher value in the conversion. Add a subscribe button front and center to the homepage of your website, so that subscribers can join your network. Make them happy that they did by giving them newsletters that catch their attention and keep them around. Come referral time, you’ll be top of mind.

another one of our real estate marketing ideas is to cultivate good reviews!

2. Cultivate Your Reviews

Whether you like it or not, you have an online reputation. This is one of the most important things prospective clients will use to assess quality and legitimacy when looking for an agent. Though you can’t directly control what people will say about you, you can do everything in your power to assure that they have a great experience working with you.


You can also incentivize your happy clients to write reviews about you. 89% of local business owners believe that reviews and reputation management deliver positive ROI. The more reviews you have, the more experienced and trustworthy you’ll appear. Ask former clients and coworkers to review you on non-biased sources such as Google Reviews. Google Reviews are particularly good because they will come up when your name is searched. The best ones should be added as testimonials on your website.


another one of our real estate marketing ideas is to write linkedin long form posts.

3. Write Long-form LinkedIn Posts

You’re probably more than aware that LinkedIn is a fantastic networking tool, but did you know it’s also an awesome showcase for your industry insight? LinkedIn allows users to write original long-form posts on their profiles, and should they choose, have their piece published on Pulse, LinkedIn’s curated news and opinion site. Pulse has over 380 million users, and you can have access to all of them.


Long-form LinkedIn posts have been a best practice amongst industry leaders for a while now. Writing original content allows you to share your expertise on trends, ideas, and learnings. LinkedIn has a great page on how to write a killer long-form posts, including tips like writing in your authentic voice, keeping each post focused on one topic or idea, and allowing your opinion to shine through. Clients want to know that you’re a thought leader and have the confidence to show it.


the last of our real estate marketing ideas is to use Facebook ads.

4. Use Facebook Ads

Now that most social media sites aren’t organically organized by time, businesses have to work a lot harder to get their page seen without paid promotion. Facebook ads are a great way to increase your reach with a flexible budget that you set. Facebook’s ad tools are designed to be used by non-professionals, so they’re rather simple to set up.


In addition, Facebook asks you what your objective is in creating ads on their platform: is it impressions (non-unique views of your ad)? Page views? Clicks through to your website? Facebook works with you in this way to best optimize your budget and your ad’s performance. People are guaranteed to see your ads, and Facebook will break down all of the metrics for you. Check out how far $5 per day of Facebook ad spend went for Buffer. (Spoiler: pretty far.)



Feeling inspired? Good! All of these tips lean towards one common theme: creating a successful and trustworthy brand for yourself. The more work you do creating a solid and knowledgeable reputation for yourself, the more likely people are to quickly see the value in your services. Implement these tips and pay attention in the following months to any differences in your lead generation. Remember, changes don’t happen overnight, so be patient after implementing these tips.

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