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  • How to Start Freelancing: 5 Key Tips!

    First off, congratulations on taking the first step to be your own boss! It can be a scary transition, but well worth it if done correctly. There are a few key areas you’ll need to focus on to start your journey, most of which you can and should think about even before you make the move to be a full-time freelancer. These key learnings include how to get customers, build your portfolio and brand, pick your target market, and set meaningful goals. Whether you’re interested in a more flexible schedule, the freedom to be your own boss, or choosing who you work with, here are the tips you shouldn’t be freelancing without!

  • Boost Freelancing Income With These 5 Tips

    Freelancing can be a grind. You trade in a defined schedule and steady income for much greater flexibility… but often inconsistent pay. So, here are a few ways to differentiate yourself from the pack, work more efficiently, and boost freelancing income.

  • Starting a Business From Home: What You Need To Know

    What do more than half of all U.S. businesses have in common? They’re home based, and that number is rapidly growing.

    The hardest part of starting a business from home is actually knowing where to start, and how to start on the right foot. It can be tricky to navigate taking your business from an idea to actual conception, so here are a few things to keep top of mind when you’re starting out.

  • The Advantage Of The Handwritten Note

    When was the last time you sent a handwritten note? If you can’t remember, it’s understandable. Once a standard practice of communication, the handwritten note has long been replaced by email, instant message, and text.

    However, handwritten notes are more than just a nice surprise; they can also be an effective career tool.

  • How to Crush Your First Freelancing Gig

    The good news: there’s never been a better time. There is a new generation of workers—one looking to be its own boss, work on its own time, and utilize the internet to market its many 21st century skills.

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