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  • 4 Key Lead Nurturing Emails for Drip Campaigns

    How do you design email drip campaigns that will increase lead conversion rates? There are four standard templates that form the basis of most campaigns: introduction emails, educational emails, closing emails, and post-purchase emails. Each is a “drip” in your email campaign, adding its own value, and will contribute to the overall success of your marketing campaigns.

  • 8 of the Best Real Estate Apps for Client Communication

    There are vastly different ways that realtors can communicate with clients. Naturally, a diverse set of tools have been developed to support these communication needs. Here are the best real estate apps for client communication that have been vetted by real life bonafide realtors. Give them a try!

  • 4 Real Estate Marketing Ideas To Boost Business

    You may know the ins and outs of real estate, but we’re going to take it one step further and give you 4 new real estate marketing ideas.

  • Real Estate Marketing Tips for Pinterest

    Visual marketing tools are essential for real estate professionals. We’ll show you how to boost sales with our real estate marketing tips for Pinterest.

  • How To Turn Real Estate Leads Into Clients

    Bad communication ruins the sales process. They say that knowledge is power: we’ll get you up to speed on good communication, then you can implement our tips to turn real estate leads into clients.

  • 4 Real Estate Marketing Tips For Beginners

    What does marketing have to do with real estate? Everything. You can have tons of raw real estate talent, but without knowing how to market your skills and show the world how great you are, you won’t reach your potential. Marketing is a broad concept and can be intimidating, but we’ll give you the beginners tips on how to start building your brand.

  • 3 Must Haves For Your Realtor Business Cards

    It’s time to increase your referrals! Chances are you’re underutilizing your business cards. Yes they make your desk look professional and you hand them out at client meetings, but why did you really create (and pay for) them?
    They are a necessity, but they should be an extension of your marketing and heavily take into account your personal brand.

  • Why Should Real Estate Agents Have A Local Phone Number?

    As a real estate agent, your phone number is your identity. You don’t want to be construed as an out-of-towner, so show you’re a local! Do you work in Boston? An incoming call from a 508 or a 617 area code is more likely to be picked up by clients.

  • Featured Users: How Franchesca and Alyssa Use Flyp

    We asked some Flyp users about their experiences with the app: why they use it, how they use it, and all the ways they love it. Our users are from all over the country, utilizing Flyp for work, play and more. Check out Franchesca’s and Alyssa’s stories below and let us know if you can relate!

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